Y-SEH – Youth Social Entrepreneurship Hub

Platform of the project: (https://yseh.eu )


The Youth Social Entrepreneurship HUB is an Erasmus+ project, that aims to strengthen competences for social entrepreneurship of the youth workers and young people by developing learning materials and involving them in learning activities.

The learning materials are innovative and propose to develop the knowledge and skills of young people to start-up and manage a social enterprise by involving them in the creation and management of a virtual social enterprise.

The project proposes to develop also the competences of youth workers to promote the social entrepreneurship among young people. Because they work directly with young people is important to strengthen their competences in social entrepreneurship. Through all the learning materials developed in the project, the youth workers will be able to facilitate the social entrepreneurship education among young people and, consequently, will improve the quality of their work.

The platform developed in the project will allow young people to create the business plan with the financial reports and to track economic records. The “Virtual learning social enterprise platform” is an interactive method aimed at developing entrepreneurship by applying interdisciplinary knowledge integration and ensuring conditions for deepening the practical skills acquired by youth in training. The goal of this method is teaching business skills development of youth by simulating the processes and activities that occur in a real company and its relationships with other companies and institutions.



Coordinator – The Romanian Center for European Policies

Short description: The Romanian Center for European Policies (CRPE) is one of the well experienced think tanks in the Central and Eastern Europe, a leading forum for debate on EU affairs. CRPE is the only Romanian organization affiliated to TEPSA, the Trans European Policy Studies Association, which reunites some of the most important organizations of EU affairs.

Contact: Ruxandra Popescu – Programme Director
Website: www.crpe.ro


Short description: DIESIS coop is a non-profit European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy, Cooperatives and participative Enterprises. DIESIS mission is to support the development of the social economy, in particular of cooperatives and social enterprises in Europe via the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consulting and advisory services, technical assistance and research. Diesis’ members are 20+ organisations from 12 countries.

Contact: Alessia Sebillo – Project Manager
Website: www.diesis.coop

Partner – Consorzio Nazionale Meuccio Ruini per la formazione, i servizi al lavoro E l’innovazione tecnologica – Societa’ Cooperativa

Short description: The Meuccio Ruini Consortium has been working for 10 years to build networks and projects to spread training and the culture of training, life long learning and innovation within the cooperative movement and social enterprise to promote employment, employability of people and the quality of products and services of businesses.
The achievement of the objectives is possible only thanks to the common commitment of managers, shareholders and staff staff, aimed at improving the management system and operational intervention strategies relating to the areas of interest of the Consortium: training, job services, innovation and promotion of cooperative culture
The regional network of member structures places the Ruini Consortium as a strategic structure of the General Association of Italian Cooperatives (AGCI)

Contact: Pina Sodano
Website: www.consorziomeuccioruini.it


Partner: The Center for Nonprofit Legislation

Short description: Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE) is one of the leading Romanian think-tanks specialized in EU affairs, with over 10 years of experience in implementing European and regional projects.  CRPE was established in 2009 by a group of experts bound by the shared objective of supporting Romania’s role in Europe. The mission of the CRPE is to promote Romania as an influential leader in the development of EU agendas    and policies. Another major objective is to advance the Europeanization processes in Romania and to promote the European citizenship by providing expertise in various fields and by initiating or participating in public debates.

Contact: Claudia Petrescu
Website: www.clnr.ro